Friday, September 23, 2011

The Backyard Explorer's Club--Building Birdhouses

A child uses a hammer and nails to build her birdhouse. These tools and others were needed to construct our project. The birdhouses were made of wood that was precut with dimensions and holes that would appeal to small birds we spotted on our birdwalks. A very dear friend precut and drilled the wood, donated the tools, and organized them in individual packages. This kept things extremely organized and held the children responsible for keeping their materials together.

There were two afterschool Backyard Explorer's Clubs,each with eight children. This is Thursday's members. The children worked in pairs to construct, paint and find a location to hang their birdhouses. During this project, the children worked in pairs to create these fantastic looking birdhouses. We were hoping to attract smaller birds that we saw at the feeders and in the woods. House Wrens, Carolina Wrens and Chickadees will build their nests in a birdhouse. The Chickadee and Wrens are the most likely to use our houses.

Excellent work, Nature Explorers!

The children are assisted by Haley, a college student majoring in Environmental Science and Early Childhood Education, who voluneered her time to help out. The children decided on this lovely tree in the woods to hang their very colorful box and Haley hung it for them.

Excellent job Backyard Explorer's for helping out our feathered friends!

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